Repigmenting Made Easy

When we transition our clients from blonde hair to brown hair, we know that the process involves repigmenting. This means that the hair must be filled with the missing pigments before the new color can be applied, otherwise the resulting color may appear dull or uneven. Did you know you can repigment your clients hair with Celeb Luxury? It’s easy, fast and does not add more damage to the hair. Here are some tips on how to re-pigment your client’s hair with Celeb Luxury:

1. Determine your clients missing pigment based on the color you are looking to achieve. 

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2. Choose a repigmenting shade: A re-pigmenting shade is a color that is applied to the hair before the final color to fill in the missing pigment. For blonde to brown transitions, a red or gold filler shade is recommended. This will help to add warmth to the hair and ensure that the new color doesn’t turn out too cool or ashy.

If they are going to a level:
1-2: Use Ruby Colorwash
3-4: Use ½ Ruby Colorwash and ½ Fire Opal
5:Use Fire Opal
6: Use Tourmaline
7: Use ½ Tourmaline and ½ Sunstone
9-10: Use Sunstone

3. Use the appropriate Celeb Luxury Colorwash based on the level your client is returning to above. Do a few washes in a row with the needed re-pigment formula until you have reached the tone to support your final color.

4. Once the repigmenting formula has been rinsed out completely, the final color can be applied.

Hair that has been taken from light to dark is even more prone to fade so be sure to send your client home with Celeb Luxury Colorwash and Colorditioner to maintain their color at home. By following these steps, you can successfully repigment your clients hair quickly and without any unwanted damage saving you time and adding additional revenue to your book.