Gem Lites Shinewash Shampoo

Gem Lites Shinewash Shampoo 



Gem Lites Shinewash Shampoo

Delicate cleansing, rich, nourishing shampoo.
For all hair types.

Use as the alternating shampoo with Colorwash to 
MAINTAIN color vibrancy.

For all hair types. Hydrating, sulfate-free shampoo 
with hi-gloss shine. Extra gentle for color-treated hair.
Healthy Hair Options

Choose what’s right for you.

Bonditioner Conditioner
Pre-wash conditioner before Colorwash 
for porous hair. Conditioner for after you shampoo. For all hair types.

Secret Fix Styler
Leave-in spray conditioner styler.

BondFix Strengthening Conditioner with Bond Repair
Counteracts the effects of damaged, bleached, colored, 
fragile or dry hair.

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Gem Lites Shinewash Shampoo