Got Fade? Ask for Celeb Luxury!

No matter what your hair color goals are, Celeb Luxury has you covered!  We offer over 40 shades ranging from vivids and pastels to traditional natural tones. Each of the shades are completely customizable using our Custom Mix bottle, allowing you to create any color imaginable. 

You can easily achieve added vibrancy. Adjust tone or completely create a new color safely and quickly in the salon or the comfort of your shower. 

Fade is officially a thing of the past! When using your favorite Celeb Luxury shade as maintenance, simply add to your shampoo routine, using it every-other ​time you shampoo to maintain fresh color or whenever you want an instant boost or change. 

Use Viral to boost your color! Our bolder shades will keep your color vibrant and our pastels are amazing for blondes wanting a subtle color change. For traditional shades, reach for the Gem Lites range. There you will find brilliant blondes, vivacious reds and rich brunettes. 

Celeb Luxury products work best with ​pre-lightened or pre-colored hair. Using the porosity from these processes will get you the most predictable results. For the most vibrant results using any of the Viral Shades, use on pale blonde hair. For a jewel toned effect on darker hair, reach for one of our boldest shades to give your hair a subtle sheen. Using our Gem Lites range is great for maintaining and refreshing your current color.

Here is how to achieve the Celeb Luxury Ultimate Routine:

Step #1: Apply your custom mix Colorwash to damp hair
Step #2: Lather in for 2-5 minutes, depending upon the intensity of the color. 
Step #3: Rinse 
BONUS STEP: To increase the intensity simply repeat steps 1-3. 
Step #4: Apply Celeb Luxury Colorditioner to damp hair, allowing it to sit for 2-20mins

So, what are you waiting for? Treat your client to a color refresh before their blowout or haircut. Or send them home with their very own custom mix so they can enjoy keeping their salon fresh color at home.

High quality product, giving you control over your color.