Gem Lites® FAQ

How often can I use colorwash?
To maintain haircolor: start using gem lites® colorwash® right after your fresh color service.
Continuous use ads and replenishes color, preventing color from looking washed out and faded. Alternate with gem lites shinewash no color shampoo, to manage vibrancy of haircolor tones.

How long does the color last?
gem lites® colorwash® slowly washes out from the hair when subsequent shampooings are with a clear, no shampoo. The durability of the product on the hair is dependent on the condition and porosity of the hair.

Will it cover grey hair?
gem lites® colorwash® brown tahitian pearl will gradually enrich the color of grey, virgin hair but gem lites® colorwash® will not cover grey hair.

Will it lighten dark hair?
gem lites® colorwash® will not lighten dark hair. it will add bright tones or make light hair appear deeper and richer, based on selected color.

Can these be used with a keratin treatment?
All of our products are suitable for hair that has a keratin treatment.

What do you do if you have 2 different highlights of fashion colors in your hair?
Which color do you choose?
Choose the color that best matches the lightest color highlight in the hair.

Can it be used on eyebrows?
gem lites® colorwash® carry customary warnings to not be used around the eyes.

Does gem lites® colorwash® contain any harsh chemicals?
All gem lites® products are free of sulfates, parabens, ammonia, peroxide, PPD and gluten

Are gem lites® products gentle on my hair?
all gem lites® products are tested through a third-party independent lab. Results found, when using the complete gem lites® system of colorwash,® shinewash,® bonditioner® and celeb® secret fix® styler, it restores hair to a healthy, natural feel.

What does the product smell like and are all of them the same fragrance?
The products have top notes of citrus bloom, mint, mid notes of herbs, florals and bottom notes of sweet musk.

Can you just use the gem lites® clear shinewash™ and clear bondtioner™ on hair that is not colored?
Yes. These products work exceptionally well on virgin hair.

Does gem lites® colorwash® stain the skin?
gem lites® colorwash® formulas were carefully formulated to maximize color deposition on the hair and minimize staining on the hands and scalp. As the hair is shampooed, the lather will become noticeably lighter/whiter. This indicates the color is being absorbed into the hair fibers. However, hand and scalp skin can stain slightly, especially if dry. If you do experience staining, simply wash area with a shampoo or soap without color.

Does gem lites® colorwash® stain fabric?
After the hair is washed and dried, color does not fade from the hair to stain clothing or bedding. If not completely rinsed from the hair, color may migrate from wet hair and skin to towels, clothing and bedding, but can be easily washed to remove. However, if colorwash® comes directly in contact with fabrics, including towels and clothing, it can stain. Once colorwash® has been used and the hair is dried, color does not rub off on towels, clothing or bedding.

What is the policy on animal testing?
celeb luxury® does not test on animals for any of their products, including gem lites® and they
are 100% vegan.