How do I choose between Gem Lites and Viral Colorwash or Colorditioner?

Start with Colorwash. If you color your hair frequently or if it is dry or damaged, we recommend doing a pre-wash with Blonditioner and/or using Colorditioner.

Can I use both the Colorwash and the Colorditioner together?

Yes. The same shade of Colorwash and Colorditioner used together will add more color intensity. Different colors can be used together to create a custom color. To maintain color, alternate every other day with clear shampoo and/or conditioner.

Why should I choose Celeb Luxury over other brands?

The superior attributes make Colorwash extremely additive – high colorposit, high lather, anti-tangler formulas leave the hair with a soft, satin feel. Colorditioner with BondFix is the first conditioner + color with a built-in bond rebuilder leaving the hair 3x stronger and healthier after just one application.

It is also important to know safety is important to us. We use only direct dyes that are FDA and EU compliant where many other brands on the market today do not. All Celeb Luxury products are sulfate-free, paraben-free, peroxide-free, PPD-free, ammonia-free, gluten-free and 100% vegan. All Celeb products are cruelty-free and have never been tested on animals.

How long will Colorwash or Colorditioner last?

Colorwash and Colorditioner will gradually washout from the hair with subsequent washes using a clarifying shampoo. The durability of the product on the hair is dependent on the condition and porosity of the hair and the intensity of the shade. Lighter colors tend to washout faster.

Does Colorwash or Colorditioner work on virgin hair?

They do not work on virgin hair.

Will Colorwash or Colorditioner cover gray hair?

They do not cover gray hair.

Does Colorwash or Colorditioner work on dark hair?

On dark hair that is color treated, you will see more of a jewel-tone effect with the bold shades.

Can I use Colorwash or Colorditioner on extensions?

Yes, all colors look beautiful on extensions that are 100% human hair. We always recommend a strand test prior to a full application.

Does Colorwash or Colorditioner stain?

Celeb Luxury Colorwash and Colorditioner colors are formulated to maximize color deposit on the hair while minimizing staining on hands and scalp. If your hands and scalp are dry, they may stain slightly and you may want to wear gloves. If you experience staining, simply wash the area with soap and water immediately after applying.

Is Colorwash or Colorditioner tested on animals?

Celeb Luxury does not test on animals, EVER!

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