While it’s true that professional hair and makeup artists are beyond gifted at their crafts, there is some method behind the magic that even us non-pros can incorporate into our at-home routines. And, sometimes, those methods are as simple as reworking the processes or replacing the products that aren’t working as well as we think they are. According to the dozens of professional hair stylists and makeup artists we consulted for this article, experts say you don’t realize you’re making these hair and makeup mistakes — and their easy fixes will take your beauty regimen to the next level.

As a disclaimer, the pros aren’t here to disparage you for doing anything “wrong” (except if you’re blasting your hair with hot tools without using a heat protectant first — that’s definitely inadvisable). They’re simply here to let you in on the tips and tricks that’ll fix common (yet often inadvertent) follies. Think: Detangling your hair from the roots down, backcombing for volume, or even using a makeup brush to set your under-eye powder. You’ll also find plenty of products that will make your routine easier, like an automatic makeup brush cleaner and a double-sided contour stick that creates gorgeous results every single time.

Now, we’ll let the pros do the talking. Read on to discover the hair and makeup mistakes you don’t realize you’re making, and how to amend them ASAP.