Colorists’ Shower

Ok, we are going to talk about it. We all know it but we don’t want to tell our clients. We hate hair wash day just as much as they do! Maybe even more so since our time is full making our guests look and feel their best. That’s all about to change however, we are about to let you in on a little secret.  

These talented colorists know the way to bring the color they love from behind the chair, right into their shower!  Hair wash day just went from dreaded to delightful and got a whole lot more colorful. They all rely on Celeb Luxury to keep their hair fresh with the ease of just shampooing and conditioning. 

The range of colors is a colorists dream and we know we are always the last to get our hair done but now we don’t have to look like it! With a wide range of naturals and vivids it is the equivalent of a colorists candy store. 

Next time you have to face hair wash day, refresh or spice it up with a new tone. See what these top colorists had to say about using the brand:

Theodora Raptis

Vivid Color Balayage Precision Cuts

“Celeb Luxury’s high quality pigmented shampoo and conditioners have been my go to for instant results both behind the chair and at home. I love that this brand is vegan and cruelty free I’m a big supporter of clean beauty. Safe for kids of all ages, even those of us young at heart.”

Model displaying more than one color of Celeb Luxury products in her hair.

Sydney Ann Lopez

Rainbows & Colorful Hair Art

“Celeb Luxury is my go-to shampoo & conditioner for my entire family!  Not only do I love the opportunity to change my hair color every time I get out of the pool (& my color has faded) and get into the shower, but I love the way it makes my hair feel! The combination of the shampoo and conditioner together give lasting results and so much shine! Even my family members with naturally color treated hair, love the Gem Lites to brighten what they already have. If you were to take a step into my shower, you would see a rainbow of Celeb Luxury options… I love that I can change my hair on a whim based off of what I’m feeling that day!”

Skyler Rae

Vivid Hair Artist Color

“As someone who has had vivid hair for as long as I can remember, Celeb Luxury has always been my constant. It is my go-to not only to refresh my color, but to keep it healthy. Celeb nails every tone, every time, and I will always have it in my shower arsenal!”