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You earn money while your clients shop from you 24 hours a day and receive premium discount pricing on all Celeb products 

We make it simple. The Celeb Pro program is a quick and easy way to retail products to your clients, followers, and fans. They earn a discount through you, and you are paid a commission on sales from what they buy using your unique coupon code.

What’s even better, Celeb takes care of shipping the product right to your customer’s door. That way there’s no investment on your part and no need to worry about inventory or warehousing product. Just join us!

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Celeb PRO (Cosmetologists)

Qualified salons and stylists earn a commission every time a product is purchased through you on 

You direct them to your personal 10% off discount code on your social media, website, text or email. 

And just like that, you’ll get paid every Friday via PayPal. 

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