Colorists’ Shower

Colorists’ Shower Ok, we are going to talk about it. We all know it but we don’t want to tell our clients. We hate hair wash day just as much as they do! Maybe even more so since our time is full making our guests look and feel their best. That’s all about to change … Continued

Express Services

Express Services One big issue we hear from our stylists is that they don’t always have enough time for add on services. With Celeb Luxury you can change that! We understand this problem, which is one of the reasons we created Celeb Luxury so you can deposit color right at the shampoo bowl. This means … Continued

Repigmenting Made Easy

Repigmenting Made Easy When we transition our clients from blonde hair to brown hair, we know that the process involves repigmenting. This means that the hair must be filled with the missing pigments before the new color can be applied, otherwise the resulting color may appear dull or uneven. Did you know you can repigment … Continued